Monday, April 18, 2011


Here are some houses i recently made for Crysis. They are in game and fully enterable, and they even have occluderes so you can stuff the buildings with crap and hardly suffer a performance drop... However they are not exactly modular, but that takes extra effort and it means i would actualy have to measure things D:
Note on the title: Crytecture, Crysis and architecture mixed together, get it? ha ha ha...

Le Ennuyeuse Petite Maison

Convenience store

Convenience store with two doors

Split House

Un Petite house

Apartments, Based on Split House

Large building based on Split House. Probably good for a school
or maybe a hospital or something like that...


So that is some buildings i made for Crysis! I will probably make many more, and better looking ones too :D

Sunday, April 17, 2011


It appears i have gotten a gold medal at the skills Manitoba 3d animation competition. The competition started at 7:15 AM, so i was very tired! I only had about 5 hours of sleep :( Not only was I tired, I also was quite hungry as there was no time for breakfast, well a proper breakfast at least ( i had a miserable donut). Other then that it went well i think other then I was having difficulties with the version of 3ds max they had (2011). But anyways, in the end I finished 40 minutes early, and still managed to get a gold.
Anyhow i guess no ones going to believe me unless i post a pic. So heres a pic! :D

 Note: My camera is broken and I'm amazed i was able to take a picture with out ugly black lines everywhere. Also I would have preferred a trophy -_-

Also apparently I won by a margin of 0.6% or something D: Maybe next time i shouldn't finish up so soon.

Monday, April 11, 2011

AA-12 video

Here be some video footage of the AA-12 shotgun i be making! Its not completely done buts its in working condition! I still have some animations to improve (reloading), and maybe some texture tweaks. But its close to finished (I think). Anyways, enjoy :D Also available in 720p :D

Saturday, April 9, 2011


I started making an AA-12 for Crysis. The AA-12 is an automatic shotgun that can pwn anyone allmost instantly :D heres some WIP pics

Friday, April 8, 2011

Maximum Crysis

Here is the in game footage of the SKS-M and the knife I made for Crysis. I think they are not too shabby for a first attempt :D

More oldies

I decided to post a bunch of my older things, from the days before i knew how to use 3ds max properly. Enjoy :D

Here is the final animation i did for my 3ds max class. It Features two mechs named, Mechazowa, and The Dylanator. Watch them battle it out with drama and massive explosions...

Its the Stupid O Meter, it detects stupidity...

A chair, it is green.

A plant that looks like some sort of fern/ jungle plant.

A leaf that is indeed green

Here is a render of The Dylanator mech using Mental Ray and shiny materials!

And here is a marble drop video... It is hypnotizing...


Well, thats a bunch of stuff i made some time ago. And woah! 2 blog posts in one day D: whats the world coming to?

Some older 3d Models

Here are some older 3d models i made a couple weeks ago while i was still learning the very basics of max.

Dystopian City
For the Dystopian City i followed this tutorial and learned how to use Greeble!

Borg Cube

Some random space ship

I used a free (and awesome) plugin for max called Greeble for the city and the Borg cube. I was experimenting with photoshop to add effects to the images to generally just make them look cooler :D